“is this a pair?”

Asked by Rob- from Missouri on 3/13/2015 10:31:13 PM
  • Yes, mine came as a pair and for the low price I paid I was very very happy with quality - this is the same manufacturer who makes trekking poles for LL Bean.
    Answered on 3/14/2015 4:38:33 AM by Terry from Richmond
  • Yes, it is 2 poles. As a side note, they come with a 3 year no questions asked warranty.
    Answered on 3/14/2015 6:31:21 AM by kmrylander from Michigan
  • Yes, it's a pair. Have only used them once but worked exactly as expected. Seem to be a nice buy for the money. Basic but seem quite adequate for my intended use. I am taking them to Mt Washington in a week.
    Answered on 3/14/2015 8:57:32 AM by JimD from Southwestern Ohio
  • thanks for the quick response, I'll order a set!
    Answered on 3/14/2015 11:07:05 AM by Rob- from Missouri
  • Yes, this comes as a pair.
    Answered on 3/16/2015 10:19:14 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Company Headquarters