Stole them from my wife

Reviewed by CBSLC from Utah on Wednesday, August 31, 2016
I really don't ever hike with poles. But my wife does - luckily. I bought these for her, for a trip to the N. Cascades. On the way down, I slipped and gave a moderate sprain to my ankle. So I took the poles from my wife and was able to make it the 4 miles (3700' of vertical) back down. I was able to put a lot of weight on the poles (I'm 5'9" 150 lbs) and they did not wobble or give. The only problem I had was getting the tip stuck in the wood slat holes on a couple bridge crossings. They are not the lightest poles at 18.8 oz's, but they do pack down small and the lock mechanism seems secure. The handles are comfortable and grippy enough. I'm stealing these from my wife and ordering her a women's size that is a little lighter, and not as tall for her.
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