Very nice cane, walking stick, trekking pole

Reviewed by Barry from Southeast PA near Philly on Saturday, March 3, 2018
I got this as a backup after I bought the Lekki trekking pole with the composite handle, and I like both a lot, but I prefer the Lekki overall. Simply because the handle is more ergonomic (Lekki has a palm swell), and feels softer in the hand. The handle here is somewhat thinner in cross sectioin, and isn't soft, as it is cork composite, which wears better than real cork, but isn't as soft in hand. But, this one has the anti-shock, if you really want that feature. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes not, but I think it may help with jarring, if you are walking harder.

I would rather this had speed locks like the Lekki, but this works too, only it's not as user friendly for people who have less hand strength. If you're young and strong, it's not a problem. It seems to stay put once it's tightened pretty well, and I'm a big guy. Of course, you need the optional rubber tips if you want to use it on hard surfaces so it doesn't skid away on you!

I plan on buying some real cork bicycle handlebar or fishing rod grip to slip over this handle, so it will be larger and softer. If your hands are small, then it's probably about right for you.
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