Boa or nothing!

Reviewed by Old Tireman from Western PA on Saturday, October 29, 2016
If you haven't tried Boa laced boots before, take the plunge now! Once you've tried them you will never go back to ordinary laces. They allow for immediate adjustment of the boot to your foot, something often necessary if the boot material starts to stretch when it gets wet and you start walking in it. No more concern of knots becoming loose or undone in the middle of a stream. Perhaps most important, no more trying to pick open wet, double knots at the end of the day, especially if it's near freezing and your fingers and hands have been reduced to weak, feeling-less clubs.

I have not had to opportunity to wear my new Korkers Whitehorse boots extensively yet. As opposed to my previous boots, (not Korkers) these have a very sleek design with tighter sewn seams and fewwer places to snag or tear on stream-side obstacles. They also seem lighter and drain very well.

The ability to change the soles depending on conditions is huge. However, the soles don't appear to be especially thick or wear resistant. I fear they may require annual replacement as I fish a lot and often have to hike a bit to get to my favorite spots. The studded soles have great grip on wet rock and a veritable plethora of other sole designs are available.

Size-wise, they do run small. I'm not sure if my neoprene booties are extra thick or my foot is extra big but my size 15's are a little snug.

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