Amazing shoe for any price

Reviewed by hikeok from Oklahoma on Sunday, January 17, 2016
I have found my Nagos to be a perfect shoe for me. I had a pair of Mythos that were a shade too large, and didn't have the money to fork over for another pair a half-size smaller so I rolled the dice on these. I'm very happy I did. Even with a stiffer sole, the fit is very similar to the Mythos, I find the stiffness helpful in edging on small holds, and the xs grip has proven itself perfectly capable on the local granite. Aside from these and the Mythos, I've owned a pair of Tarantulace. As far as fit and performance, these are my favorites. The Mythos are great, but more expensive. The Tarantulace are slick and more expensive. I wear a 10 shoe, 9 chaco, and 41.5 Nago for a perfect fit, even with a slightly wider-than-average foot. It stretches a little, but not as much as some others due to the synthetic upper. I could probably drop to a 41 if I hated my feet, or go up to a 42 for all-day comfort and still have a perfectly climbable shoe, but the 41.5 is ideal for my foot- YMMV.
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