• I never tried that but I think the shaft could do it but it might look tight or "pucker" in some odd way, by that, I mean that on me, the shaft was pretty snug and it doesn't flare at the top really so if you fold it down, the top of the cuff may crush what your folding down onto and look funny. That said, if your have really thin calves and have more room in the shaft, it may work. Overall, the boot looks really good as it is and the shearling peaks through at the top anyway so you get to see the shearling a bit anyway if you get the chestnut with the light natural shearling liniing. You definitely see it on that color boot, which I got but didn't keep..... I did just check to see if I could fold down some shorter 10 inch bearpaws that I have and it seemed to work fine and looked ok. If doesn't look exactly like it was made that way as you see with some uggs but looks ok. so I think it would work with these if the shaft isn't already very snug on your leg. Hope that helps. These boots are comfortable and look good over skinny jeans because they are taller and sleeker without the shearling cuff at the top. When you fold them down, they will puff out a bit so keep that in mind also.
    Answered on 10/24/2014 7:10:12 AM by tee from GA