Very nice Summer Rain boots

Reviewed by GT in VA from Green Acres, Virginia on Wednesday, April 8, 2015
These are high quality boots in the LeChameau tradition, very well made and very comfortable. Good looking too. My foot is 9-1/2 and 10 fits great, though I did add a cushion insole (something I'd recommend). There is room for a thicker sock as well.

Something very important to keep in mind about these boots: they are made for RAIN, and RAIN ONLY. More substantial than old fashioned galoshes, but not by much. The sole is nice and thick with a deep tread, but the natural rubber is very pliable. Extremely comfortable and waterproof right out of the box, but there is no insulation anywhere and the uppers have no stiffness to them. I wouldn't wear them for hiking on hard ground or anything during the winter, and I can't imagine scrambling through a rocky stream would do them any good at all. Even if the rubber doesn't tear—it probably wouldn't—there's nothing to keep your ankles from getting beat up. So, think "slogging over the grassy dew-soaked fields on a morning check of the lambs" (or "getting groceries during a thunderstorm") and you will love them.
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