Strong poles

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Little Old Lady from Wisconsin on Saturday, August 20, 2016
The grips can't be beat, solid and comfortable; I like the broad tops, easy to lean on. Shaft seems light and durable. Not so happy about the locks; I think Black Diamond's are better; had a hard time getting the poles to stay at the length I wanted, one just collapsed in use. I may not have configured them right, realizing late (with help from REI techs) that I had to turn the screw that controls the pressure while the lever is open. There's no way the screws could be turned by a finger unless perhaps you're comfortable hanging off a cliff by that finger-- wheel's too small and just barely ribbed along the edge. And the screw is plastic and rather soft. Careful, it could be stripped. Need a very big screwdriver to turn it or perhaps a coin. It ought to be metal-- possibly it could be replaced? I found the tips adequate, though when I unwound a basket that came with it, the whole thing came off, leaving a bare shaft tip! Put a little duct tape on that and jammed the tip back on, now it is unmovable. Yes, still can screw the basket on. I did get new tip covers to go over the metal end, since I use these indoors and in the city, and these I hope will stay put-- I have lost a few off other poles. I wrote my email address on paper and clear-taped that under the grip, so maybe if I lose one it'll come back to me. Hope to use these poles for a long time, and should be able to, though I'm glad I caught them at half-price.
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