“Does it comes with 4 different tips for any walking surface”

Asked by Princess the walker from New York on 9/9/2016 8:11:38 PM
  • Hi princess the walker,
    I only have the carbide tips which are the default type.
    You can buy these different types of tips according to the terrains you are walking on.
    Hope my answer gives you a better understanding.
    Answered on 9/9/2016 9:37:20 PM by Blackmountain hiker from Northern California
  • It comes with the tungsten carbide tips. It grips on almost anything but you don't want to use it on polished or indoor flooring. IF it bites, it will damage the floor. Mine came with rubber tips as well. They act as a rubber boot Over the other tip. I was worried at first that they might come off on a hike but they stay even in difficult terrain.
    FYI, I was More pleased with the poles than I anticipated. I was limited on choices due to my height but as it turns out, I am Very happy with them.
    Answered on 9/9/2016 11:41:44 PM by Michael, Wilderness Explorer from Texas
  • No. All mine has is the carbide tips.
    Answered on 9/10/2016 2:00:49 PM by Dan from Alabama part of PA
  • This item only comes with the carbide flex tips.
    Answered on 9/12/2016 8:12:03 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post