This is everything it is promised to be...

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Gloria from Southern California on Thursday, November 16, 2017
I have a lot of Lodge cast iron, but this is my first purchase of a truly large item--more than I need for everyday cooking but will come in handy when preparing food for a crowd. I specifically wanted this for roasting vegetables in the oven--I was looking at this skillet and the larger 17" double handled version, but since I found this one here on STP for less than half the price of the bigger one ($30.00 with deal-flyer coupon versus $72.00 for the 17" elsewhere), I ended up ordering this one. I think the larger one would have ended up too big for my purposes anyway...
This works perfectly in the oven for baked chicken as well as roasted vegetables (and so much easier to clean than my glass roasting dishes). I don't see why this wouldn't be ideal for roasting meat and poultry, too--I'm going to try whole chicken over the weekend.
I also tried it with a stir fry on the stove top--I don't have a wok, but even though the surface of this pan is flat, this worked out very well over the central burner on my stove and the food at the periphery did not overcook, while I was able to keep the food at the center at the desired temperature, and I had better results than I have gotten with one of those 'everyday' pans that isn't quite as large as this monster of a pan. This pan is so large that it actually covers two of the side burners (I have the kind of cook-top with one large and one small burner on each side instead of all burners of equal size) but I haven't tried cooking anything this way yet.
Like all Lodge products I have purchased, the quality is top-notch. This is very big, very heavy and even with the helper handle might be too much for some people to be able to lift easily and safely, especially when full of piping hot food...dropping this would cause some serious damage.
Storage might also present a problem.
This is easy to clean, but I have a fairly large sink, and I am pretty strong. I can see that the sheer weight of this pan might make it a challenge to manipulate in a smaller sink, in fact it might not even fit under the faucet, and it would definitely damage an enameled surface if dropped.
I can see that this would be great for camping.
For me, this was a great purchase, and everything that I wanted it to be. Fantastic savings on this pan--if you can use a pan this large, you just can't go wrong at this price...

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