Dreadful color, Medium too small

Reviewed by DeepBlueSea from Alabama Gulf Coast on Thursday, March 17, 2016
Shitake is such an awful hue I can't imagine it being flattering on anyone. I looked at and thought, "Someone really screwed up the dye." So forget the photo. It's not beige, not frappuccino.

The Medium is too small across the shoulders. This was one of two different Lole tops, both size M, that I bought in the same order. Shoulder seam to shoulder seam, there's a big difference. The M aqua top fit fine. The M beige top is way too small, so I have to return it. Annoying. Why can't Lole be consistent in sizing its garments?

Last but not least: Lole slaps a giant "L" top center on the back of this shirt. OK, I get it. But that's not the end. Oh no. They've sewn a small metallic look plastic logo tag on the front towards the hem. Enough already.
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