Misleading look: it is not what it seems

Reviewed by silvia from barcelona, spain on Tuesday, November 27, 2012
I wanted a waterproof backpack to day hike in mountain or cities so I can put a bit of food, my camera and my small laptop inside.
This backpack has the prefect materials and look (even zips!) to be waterproof, but it is only water resistant which means it is not waterproof. My gear was in danger at all moments. Why to make a backpack with the right material to be waterprooff and waste those materials (and our money) doing a fake waterproof looking backpack.
And I cannot use a rain protection because it slips down, this backpack has this design in the top that do not allow you so.
Plus it gets dirty easy and it not easy to clean because I am afraid I will damage the surface.
Plus not enough pockets to put separate things..
Plus has not main handle.

So I continue to the search of a comfy and light day pack that is waterproof or has a rainprotection attatched.

I would only recommend this packpack to people in cities in sunny days. It is resistant to load more than 10 kilos regularly, that is the only good point.
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