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Sierra Trading Post’s blog is all about sharing the thrill of exploration and providing tips to improve your time spent outdoors. That’s why we established #TeamSierra, a group of dedicated outdoor bloggers from all over the country, to help us share advice and inspire you to get outside.

We carefully selected outdoor bloggers you can identify with. They are hikers, backpackers, climbers, campers, parents and overall outdoor adventure addicts. Like all of us, they love getting outside but have to fit their adventures into the rest of their lives and not break the bank in the process.

These outdoor experts share their insights on the Sierra Trading Post blog. You’ll find stories about their adventures, tips to make your outdoor time more fun, tricks to save money while exploring and most of all, inspiration to get outside from people just like you.

  • Adam Fricke
    Instead of settling into a comfortable desk job as a recent college grad, Adam opted for the ups and downs of vanlife. Currently living in a Sprinter van with his brother, he is pursuing a freelance career as a photographer, filmmaker, and writer. You can follow Adam's journey across all 50 states via social media @adamfricke or on his personal blog
    Annie Yearout
    Annie is an outdoor and adventure travel writer and author of, a blog motivating you, me and the kids to gear-up, get outside and explore. She partners with outdoor non-profits, is a member of sponsored adventure crews, and is always eager to throw a backpack on and hit the trails from her home in Northern California.
    Beth Lakin
    Beth is an explorer who calls Southwest Colorado home. A teacher by day, Beth is an avid hiker and can usually be found with her pup, Sprocket, to high summits throughout the West. She blogs at about her life as a true Jill of All Trades including road trips, DIY projects, trying new outdoor adventures, reading, quilting, and more.
    Jeff Hester
    Jeff is an average guy who enjoys exceptional outdoor adventures. Whether thru-hiking the JMT, exploring the Lost Coast, or bagging a local peak, his goal is to help you find your next adventure. Find more on his blog,
    Jessica Rhae Williams
    Jessica lives in Seattle with her husband and two miniature Dachshunds, Chester and Gretel, and loves hiking, traveling, and adventuring. Through her blog, You Did What With Your Weiner, she shares stories of climbing mountains, breaking stereotypes and living the good life with her dogs. She is founder of #AdventureDogChat and regularly tweets about hiking, fitness, and pets.
    Justin Fricke
    Justin Fricke is a cube dweller by weekday and rock climber, surfer, cyclist, runner and all around adventure junkie by night and weekend. The Weekend Warrior is where he keeps records of all his adventures, gear reviews, tips and tricks. Also check him out on Twitter and Instagram.
    Lauren Martin
    Lauren is a full-time Social and Digital Media Manager for a Colorado-based natural foods company and part-time Spinning and Bodypump Instructor. Her passions include hiking, biking, brewing kombucha, cooking healthy food (that doesn't taste healthy) and running around with her two Golden Retrievers. You can follow her on Instagram or on her blog, Me and the Mountains.
    Marissa Pedersen
    Marissa is an outdoor enthusiast from Seattle with a passion for traveling. When she isn't on an adventure in a new place, you can find her exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Get travel and outdoor-related tips from her at
    Paige Kumpf
    Paige is a personal trainer, fitness expert, and fitness instructor in the wonderful state of Colorado. Her passion in life is to empower women to find joy and fulfillment through living a healthier, happier life. Learn more on her blog, Your Trainer Paige or on Twitter.
    Shanti Hodges
    Shanti is the founder of Hike it Baby, a non-profit dedicated to getting families out hiking with newborn to school age kids. The organization can be found in 260 cities around North America. A former freelance writer for magazines like Outside, Men's Journal and Marie Claire, she now is a full time mom to a rowdy 3-year-old whose favorite phrase is "Outside mama. Let's go adventuring."
    Trish Sebastian
    Trish is a curator of adventures, places, and experiences for her blog, Do Cartwheels with Me. Full disclosure: Trish doesn't know how to do cartwheels. Her blog was born out of the desire to live the life of her dreams despite its awkward realities and scary potential for failure. Trish was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and first saw snow after moving to the U.S. She has fully adapted the mountain life (including winters!) and can't imagine living a life other than this.
  • #TeamSierra bloggers receive promotional consideration from Sierra Trading Post. These bloggers are hand-selected based on their knowledge of and passion for the outdoors, as well as the success of their outdoor blogs and social media channels.

    Think you would make a good candidate for the program? Email and tell us why. Use #TeamSierra in your subject line so we don’t miss your email!

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