Important Recall Notice

Important Recall Notice on Cassin, Joss, climbing cams sold by Sierra Trading Post from August 26, 2003 thru March 29, 2006.

Cassin Srl, the Italian manufacturer of technical climbing equipment, is issuing a voluntary recall for the Joss Camming Device. The parent company CAMP USA purchased the historic Cassin Company along with its assets and inventory in 1997. The Joss Cam stock was part of this acquisition. Though CAMP USA and the new company Cassin Srl were not the manufacturers of the Joss Cams, we are issuing this voluntary recall based on our professional assessment that the design of the Joss Cam does not meet the stringent standards for quality and excellence in design that the new company Cassin Srl is well known for today. Specifically, Cassin Srl recognizes that the Joss Cams they inherited were not designed in a way that meets the rigorous standards climbers expect from camming units today and that climbers have come to rely on. The integrity of our products and the safety of our customers are our highest priorities.

All remaining stock of the Joss Cam was sold by Sierra Trading Post shortly after the acquisition of Cassin. As a responsible partner, Sierra Trading Post is issuing this voluntary recall on behalf of Cassin Srl for any and all Joss Cams our customers would like to return for full refund.

This voluntary recall is limited to the Cassin Joss Cams manufactured by the historic Cassin company. Use the images below to identify your Joss Cams. They are distinguished by the following key points: a)every unit carries the Cassin logo, and b) the slings feature solid horizontal blocks of color rather than speckled or diagonal patterns.

  • To return your Joss Cams, please send your items to:
  • Sierra Trading Post
  • 5025 Campstool Rd. Cheyenne, WY 82007
  • - or call -
  • customer service at
  • 1-800-713-4534
  • - or email -
  • for directions on receiving a full refund, including original shipping and return shipping.

News from CPSC - November 10, 2011 - U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission