Customer Cheers

I seriously get almost all my gear from Sierra Trading Post. The Marmot tent, Marmot jacket, Mountain Hardwear backpack and my Mammut mountaineering boots all came from Sierra Trading Post. Thanks for all the great gear and deals. I’m putting them to good use.
Ellipsoid Erik via Facebook, 2/1/2015

"We were out of town and didn't get a chance to take advantage of your military appreciation deal, but, from a frequent shopper, military family, thank you for an awesome gesture!"
Jewel on Facebook, 5/6/14

"Your Auskin sheepskin rugs are beautiful and perfect! Here’s proof of how yummy comfortable they are! Thanks for the great prices!!!!"
Zoey via Facebook, 4/30/2014
Photo courtesy Zoey 2014
Corie Jason

"I wanted to let you know that when I ordered my trail shoes you said it would take about 12 days. I got them today - five days after my order. Thanks to you I have to start training sooner than expected."
Lia in Anchorage, Alaska, via Facebook, 4/28/14

"I've been shopping at STP for more than 15 years. I've saved more than $10,000! I tell all of my friends about the wonderful products and customer service!"
Corie Jason, 01/13/12
Photo courtesy Corie Jason 2012
Corie Jason
"I'm a bargain shopper and never pay full retail for anything. I love Sierra Trading Post because they carry the best high-end brands at amazing prices. I'm a big fan of the outdoors. Colorado is an outdoor wonderland, and when I need to replace my gear, STP is where I go first. The selection, customer service and speedy delivery is unsurpassed!”
Melanie, 10/05/11
Photo: Melanie and her family recently took a trip to the Mount Evans Wilderness Area, about 40 miles west of Denver
Melanie Photo
"Most of my purchases are of an 'outdoorsy' nature. I can't even begin to tell you the number or folks that comment on gear I've purchased over the years from you folks! The single piece that garners the most questions and comments is my Crazy Creek lounger. Whether I'm perched on top of my photographer's step ladder at a sports car race or sitting on the hawk watch platform at Cape May Point, people always want to know where I got it because of its obvious comfort factor. You should print referral cards, so I can give folks the info on STP!"
Kevin Inman
Photo courtesy Kevin P. Inman / MoJo Photo Copyright 2011
Keving P. Inman

"I purchased my first pair of Asolo Boots, which I hear will last for years. I'm enjoying the Gore-Tex® of the boot and the overall quality. Thanks again, STP!”
Steve, 08/02/2011

"STP's service and prices are the best. Never any problems."
Bill, 04/04/2011

"I am most impressed with your website. You really do deliver more information about your products than any other company I know. I am especially impressed with the reviews of your products, which, it seems to me, you do not filter. You also continue to offer products that I would never have expected."
Ed, 02/24/2011

"As a retired elementary teacher my passion for multisport can get expensive, but Sierra Trading Post makes this lifestyle affordable. Almost all of my sports apparel, as well as gear, come from STP!"
Pat, 01/17/2011

"Your customer service is always phenomenal. I don't need to contact them a lot, but when I do, the people are always knowledgeable and friendly."
Marie, 12/23/2010

"Good gear allows the soldiers to dress for a variety of climates in a short time span. So it is wonderful that you can provide the outstanding quality of top brands at prices soldiers can afford."
Lynn, 12/06/2010

"Every single time I have contacted a customer service representative it has been a remarkable experience. Once I ordered a green jacket for a half marathon with a St. Patrick's theme. Impeccable fit was imperative. I thought an extra small would be perfect for me, as it typically is. However the jacket arrived and it was just a tiny bit too tight. I called to explain the situation to the representative, and ask if there was any way they could ship me the other jacket right away, and then let me return this one. I think the jacket was on the way before I hung up."
Karen from Richmond, VA

"Thank you for providing such great products at outstanding prices. I have saved pennies shy of $800 in my time at STP. I have been able to purchase quality items that I would not normally be able to own. Because of your company, I have stayed warm in the winter, hydrated in the summer, and I have become an avid trail runner. Your company has literally changed my lifestyle and health. I cannot thank you enough for that."
Zach (07/10)

"You have a fantastic site and customer service. I've purchased here in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Your staff is courteous and helpful, and your site is user friendly. The prices got my attention, but the service keeps me coming back."
Mary (03/10)

"You are the best online discount outdoor retailer so far. Thank you, STP."
Alfonso (03/10)

"I have nothing but highest praise for Sierra Trading Post!"
Kathryn (03/10)

"I love Sierra Trading Post! I have been a customer for years and have always been very satisfied with the quality, service, and honesty."
Ken (03/10)

"I am very pleased with your company and all products we have bought."
Judy (03/10)

"I am very pleased with all my purchases from Sierra. Everything is done quickly with no hassles. I order many things frequently. Great job!"
Paul (04/10)

"I've been shopping with STP for years and recommend it to everyone -- really! My boss' boss has scolded me for she is now addicted. I LOVE STP! Put that on a T-shirt and I'll wear it!"
Nancy (04/10)

"You have always been very prompt and courteous on the phone, and the shipping is done quickly. The products you offer are first-rate quality. I've never been disappointed with Sierra Trading Post."
AG (04/10)

"Your site is awesome. I recommend it to all of my friends."
Kimberly (04/10)

"I have been shopping with Sierra Trading Post for many years, even back when you only sent out a few black and white catalogs. I have told every friend that I have ever had about you, and am still amazed at the quality of customer service with which you operate. I have ordered from your catalog and been to your fabulous store, and will be a fan forever. Thank you for being so consistently customer oriented and value priced."
Gary (04/10)

"I've been a Sierra customer for over a decade.Your company has always been one of the most honest, fair and efficient online stores I've ever done business with. Keep up the good work!"
Craig (05/10)

"I was overall extremely impressed by the customer service. The representative was extremely helpful, patient, and professional."
Yukyung (05/10)

"Sierra Trading Post is the best company to do business with. It's gotten so I rarely shop anywhere else. Your selection is extensive. Your prices are unbelievable on high-quality merchandise. Your website is so efficient and easy to navigate. But most of all, your customer service is the nicest, most helpful I've ever encountered. It's a pleasure to recommend your company and I do so often. Everyone I know feels the same as I do about their experience with you. Thank you for being a treasure."
Mari (05/10)

"You guys are awesome and you run a smooth, dependable, fantastic, SOLID business. THANK YOU for being there!"
Cicilia (05/10)

"STP has nailed the online shopping experience"
Hugh (05/10)

"We can get good quality stuff at STP that lasts a long time that we can't get anywhere else at that price."
Bill & Jean, Reno, NV (02/10)

"Sierra Trading Post has been my ‘first stop’ for shopping. The choices regarding price and quality have been greatly appreciated and the personal service has always been positive. I haven't had a single negative experience."
Alice, Florida (01/10)

"I can't say enough about how much your company has meant to me! I have been receiving your catalogs since the days of "drawings,” and have been happily ordering ever since. The quality and brands are wonderful with lots of choices and lots of great deals!"
Jean, Durango, CO (01/10)

"Customer service and predictable product quality have been the key. An unknown brand, like Alico boots, turned out to be a real treasure racking up more than 4,000 miles and still going."
Dave and Kay, McCall, ID (12/09)

"STP is always improving, but one thing they can't improve upon is their honest dealings with customers. That's what really keeps me coming back. Thank you for all you do."
Allison, Ojai, CA (10/09)

"I've never once been disappointed with Sierra Trading Post. I can't say that about any other company."
Wayne, Macon, GA (10/09)

"I always check out the bargains before buying anywhere else. From shoes to hunting gear, I come to Sierra Trading Post first."
John F. Wayzata, MN

"I frequently share the site with friends, and have been using Sierra for 15 years. I have never been disappointed."
Heather K., Slingerlands, NY

"Working in Iraq as I do, it is great to find a wonderful source of clothing that I can purchase on the Internet. I love it."
Ron G., Iraq

"I have Raynaud's syndrome, and my hands get very cold. It is nearly impossible to find mittens in the stores these days, and they are all that can keep my hands warm. I was thrilled to find them at such a reasonable price."
Linda T., Lacona, NY

"Sierra Trading Post keeps me from overspending and saves me time and effort going to stores. I look to Sierra Trading Post before making any purchase."
Seth A., Raleigh, NC

"Great website! I cannot wait to shop here again. Unbelievable prices... REALLY! I shop online all the time and I know exactly where to get the best deals. Your site is my new favorite!"
Christa S., Sandusky, OH

"I always find high quality and receive incredible value for my dollar at Sierra Trading Post."
Daniel D., Santa Monica, CA

"I stopped getting your catalog for some reason a few years ago and was very pleased to find you again online."
Dennis C., Austin, TX

"High expectations are met every time with every order. You guys are fun to do business with."
Gary K., Palm Harbor, CA

"I am impressed with this company. It has been worthwhile to try new items or sizes because they exchange readily."
Kristine N., Vashon, WA

"We usually go to Sierra Trading Post first when we are looking for quality outdoor and leisure clothing."
Mindy G., Oklahoma City, OK