How to Choose Ski Length

How to Choose Ski Length

Thinking about buying a new pair of skis but not sure how to choose ski length? No problem. This article is designed to help you determine your ideal ski length in three easy steps. All you’ll need to know is your height, your general ability level and the type of terrain you’ll be skiing on most often. Just keep in mind that these steps are intended to help you choose alpine skis (a.k.a. downhill skis). If you’re shopping for cross-country skis or other Nordic skis, you’ll want to use a manufacturer-specific sizing chart instead. For advice on what kind of skis to choose, check out our article: How to Choose Skis.

Ready to get started? Follow these steps to choose alpine ski length:

1. Find a corresponding ski length for your gender and weight:

Men's Ski Sizing Chart

Weight Approx. Ski Length
130-155 lbs. 160 cm
150-175 lbs. 167 cm
170-195 lbs. 174 cm
190-215 lbs. 181 cm
215 lbs. or more 182 cm

Women's Ski Sizing Chart

Weight Approx. Ski Length
100-125 lbs. 145 cm
120-140 lbs. 152 cm
135-155 lbs. 160 cm
150 lbs. or more 162 cm

Kids' Ski Sizing Chart

Weight Approx. Ski Length
30-40 lbs. 80 cm
40-50 lbs. 93 cm
50-60 lbs. 100 cm
60-70 lbs. 110 cm
70-85 lbs. 120 cm
90-115 lbs. 130 cm

2. Subtract length based on your ability level:

Ability Level Subtract from Ski Length
Beginner -20 cm
Intermediate -5 cm
Advanced -0 cm

3. Add length (if necessary) based on the terrain you will ski most often:

Snow Conditions Add to Ski Length
Groomed runs and hardpack 0+ cm
Off-piste, soft snow, powder +5 cm

Note: The ski sizing charts above are intended to be used as a general guideline only. Some skiers may want to choose a slightly shorter or longer ski based on personal preference.

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