Mulholland Brothers Luggage  Guide

Lariat Signature Leather

Lariat leather of the type used for Mulholland Brothers luggage was developed over 100 years ago to outfit Pony Express riders, and its strength is legendary. Lariat leather's honey-brown color contains waxy tannins that surface over time, enhancing the natural character of the leather as it ages. Premium hides plus Mulholland Brothers' top-shelf luggage construction methods make a uniquely rugged, tasteful statement of quality.

Latigo Polished Leather

Mulholland Brothers luggage crafted from Latigo polished leather offers the appearance of saddle leather. This Latigo leather is made from premium, full-grain hides that have been cured with natural vegetable extracts for a traditional, elegant demeanor. Latigo leather's rich, distinctive depth and sheen are achieved by spinning a glass cylinder at high speeds across the tanned hides.

Momentum Soft Leather

The Momentum soft leather used to construct Mulholland Brothers luggage is a pebble-grained, tumbled cowhide tanned with the same process as deerskin. The result is a leather of incredible softness, durability and scratch resistance. Latigo leather accents and straps complement each Momentum luggage piece, while orange microfiber interiors offer a hidden yet bold splash of color.

Chroma Leather

Chroma leather is reserved for Mulholland's most bright and colorful products. Mulholland Chroma leather is rich, supple leather glowing with bright colors. This leather is primarily used for luggage tags, key fobs, change bases and other items that are highly noticeable.

Endurance Laminated Fabric

Endurance is Mulholland Brothers' own waterproof, laminated polyvinyl, and features a fine pebble-grain finish. Designed to resist fading, cracks, tears and scratches, the laminated fabric in rugged Endurance luggage cleans up quickly with mild soap and water. Mulholland Brothers' Endurance bags are trimmed with Latigo leather in complementary tones.

Cotton Canvas, Trimmed with Vino Latigo

For centuries, durable cotton canvas has been the choice for making sails, carpenters' bags, awnings, tarps and more because it stands up to anything man or nature can throw its way. Though extremely durable, the 18-oz. canvas used in Mulholland Brothers luggage is neither heavy nor bulky. When empty, these luggage pieces fold flat for storage; when filled, they conform to the shape of their contents. All of the luggage pieces in the canvas collection are trimmed with dark burgundy Vino Latigo leather.