Reno Careers


Retail Associate

Reports to: Retail Store Manager

Location: Reno, NV

Job Description:
The retail associate is responsible for approaching and greeting customers with a cheerful attitude and helpful demeanor. Retail associates must be able to merchandise their departments and keep the store clean, organized and efficient for customers. Product knowledge is very important in order to assist customers and answer questions. Associates should be able to help customers find a substitution when certain products are not available. They must also be able to move merchandise from the warehouse, transferring it into the system to sell in the retail store. All associates must meet minimum dress code requirements.

Level of Physical Exertion:
Intermediate exertion, continuous walking or standing, regular lifting occasionally up to 35 pounds.

Required Skills:
The retail associate must have basic knowledge of Sierra Trading Post products and must be able to present accurate information to customers in a concise, professional manner. The associate must have good communication skills. Must be proficient with keyboards, typing by touch and must be able to navigate and use the internet. Associate must be easily trained, and be able to pull merchandise correctly and efficiently from the fulfillment center. Retail sales associates must be able to properly count change back to customers. They should be able to work fluently through the retail menus/screens with ease and confidence.

Preferred Education and Experience:
Previous customer service experience is preferred. Knowledge and comfort with the computer and the internet is also preferred.

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