“Is Alico Belluno Hiking Boots you have is USA or European size?”

Asked by BrodPete from California on 2/9/2017 9:53:59 AM
  • The boots I have are in USA size.
    Answered on 2/9/2017 9:56:49 AM by Gary the Skier from Idaho
  • I got a pair USA size 8 1/2
    Answered on 2/9/2017 11:59:22 AM by Merlin from California
  • USA ... 12 2E, I believe this is equivalent to a 45 or 46 in Euro sizes. This is the size I usually buy in boots. Having said that, my left foot is perhaps 1/2 size larger than the right and so I must defer to it ... so, it compelled me to write this poem:
    (Your Feet ... My Feet)
    Feet that ain't a pair/ What was he doin' when he went to work down there/ 11 1/2 fits the right, on the left it's kinda tight/ Get the 12 you say/ Then the right one floats around all day/ Ya kin wear thick socks, take that route/ But it don't work in a Sunday suit/ With them skinny shoes ya gotta wear/ What was he thinkin' when he went to work down there? M. Dennis Fiedler
    Answered on 2/9/2017 12:36:26 PM by redeyehawk from New Hampshire
  • US sized. 9 Belluno fits me well though I usually wear a 9.5 in US sizes. I haven't seen any Belluno's in European size which for me would be a 43 probably.

    Because they are somewhat large for the US size, I suppose it's possible these were originally UK/British sizes where I fit an 8.5/9. There's no other indication of that though so I assume these are US sizes that run half size large, which is not uncommon for Alico US sizing.
    Answered on 2/9/2017 4:26:39 PM by allroad from high desert
  • All sizing on our website is in US sizes unless otherwise indicated on the specific product page.
    Answered on 2/10/2017 8:18:32 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post