Tahoe envy

Reviewed by Onceler from Potomac, MD on Friday, December 4, 2015
I've been wearing a pair of Alico Tahoe boots for over two years and have been very happy with their workmanship, fit, comfort and utility. I even wear them in the fall and winter for everyday, non-outdoors activity, but since they are a tad on the heavy side for this, I decided to try a pair of the Belluno's which are nearly a pound lighter. Although of similarly high quality, I find the Belluno's to be not nearly as comfortable since they lack the Tahoe's more cushioned soles and padded uppers. Although the same size, 10W, the Belluno's fit also differs just enough from the Tahoe's such that out of the box they actually exert a painful pressure on the top of the foot beneath the lacing. I have rather wide feet, so this may not be your experience, but suffice it to say that Tahoe enthusiasts should not expect an identical fit from the Belluno. My solution has been to remove the factory insoles and replace them with a pair of SOLE Signature Ed Viesturs Ultra Footbeds, and this seems to do the trick from a comfort standpoint. So, if you buy the Belluno's just be prepared for the possibility that you may need to shell out an extra $50 or so for replacement insoles. Next time I will happily go with a new pair of Tahoe's (although my old pair is still going strong), and put up with a little extra weight.
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