cheap, but not exactly what i wanted

Reviewed by annie w. from Boston on Wednesday, March 22, 2017
i got this bolster on deep discount, thanks to STP. i love STP, and i love STP's prices. it's from manduka, which is a solid yoga company. it's about an inch shorter in diameter versus the bolster that i would've shot for from a local company with firm batting, and the works. so i figured this would do.

it's a very light bolster. it's not something that you could use as a weapon, like some bolsters.
while that might be nice, this is not a bolster that you could lie down on, which would hold you up. as someone who doesn't weigh a ton, i am surprised to see how much give this bolster (brand new, mind you) gives. it is more like a glorified pillow that is cylindrical-shaped. it makes for a nice accessory on my bed. it is round and can be used for most other supportive purposes of bolsters -- behind the knees, between the head and a folded down torso, but it really doesn't do everything i'd like it to do.

so i guess i'm off to the store tomorrow to get the awesome local bolster that i was hoping for but also at a fraction of the price. full price it is. now i have a bed pillow/bolster junior and a real boster. or i will. tomorrow.