Warm and Waterproof with an Awesome Hood

Reviewed by Aguilar from Portland, Oregon on Friday, October 28, 2016
I highly recommend this jacket! Yesterday I tried it for the first time in the pouring Pacific NW rain, and it performed very well -I was dry as a bone! I was only wearing a cotton button-down and jeans, but the insulation kept me very warm (yet breathable) with the relentless rain and wind. Can't wait to try it out on the slopes!

The functional features of this jacket are well-thought out. The pit zips are easily accessed with gloved hands, as are the hood's adjustable features. I love the hood as much as I love the coat's waterproofness and warmth! The hood is helmet-compatible and non-detachable. As a petite person, some hoods, even adjustable ones, swallow my head like a Gore-tex monster and give me the visibility of a horse wearing blinders. This jacket's hood, however, is very adjustable (elastic, locking pulls on the sides with a pull in the back); yesterday I was playing with the hood's features in the rain, and I could easily fix it so that my whole head was covered but I still had good visibility (side and front), and without me having to readjust throughout the day. I also liked the zipped pocket on the left forearm. I found this easier to access rather than some jackets' pockets on the upper arms.

I bought the XS in black for myself (female, 4'11", 95 pounds, petite frame) for skiing and snowboarding. It's sized perfectly (to me) for wearing layers underneath. It hits me past the waist and the sleeves are about an inch longer than my wrists, which are both a welcome feature in the cold. I like the classic cut and versatile color of this jacket; seems like it will stand the test of fashion and time. It has a slight, barely noticeable flared waist to give it a more feminine feel. Although there's no snow yet here, I tried it on with my snowboard pants and moved around to test its mobility, which it passed with flying colors.

I'm sure this jacket will be great on the slopes; will update my review when the snow falls (soon, I hope!).

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