NIce Sack

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Steve E from Louisiana on Monday, November 16, 2015
This traditional style sleeping bag is fantastic. I have used this product, it seems well constructed and I am pleased with the purchase, as I'm sure you will be......but.....

..there are some things to consider before buying that are not mentioned on Sierra's web site, or even Marmot's.
(out of 5 stars)
TASTE: (1) this sleeping bag tastes terrible, although, if you add soup stock, the salt helps, but not much.

MAGIC: (0) although I made several wishes while in this bag, not one was granted by if you intend to buy this bag and use it to get your own unicorn, look elsewhere.

ATTITUDE: (2.5) I really don't know which way to go on this one, my bag and I have had some pretty lengthy discussions, but it doesn't like to talk about it's past and, when I get personal, it just lays there indifferently.

ATHLETICISM: (4) The bag and I were on the same team for volleyball, and it just sat the bench for most of the game. But who would have thought, when Aunt Myrtle was ejected for slugging the referee (again this year Myrtle... really?), the bag came in and covered it's position well and came up with a few clutch saves.

PURPLENESS: (0) This bag is almost completely not purple, unless you stare into the campfire for too long.
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