“Does it have a hood?”

Asked by marymar from texas on 3/6/2015 11:46:23 AM
  • Nope, No hood
    Answered on 3/6/2015 11:52:54 AM by Kristin from MA
  • No
    Answered on 3/6/2015 12:11:12 PM by Shan from Denver
  • Thanks!
    Answered on 3/6/2015 1:08:59 PM by marymar from texas
  • No, it is hoodless!
    Answered on 3/6/2015 1:11:19 PM by archer59 from New England
  • No
    Answered on 3/6/2015 1:37:52 PM by 2pdl from South Royalton, VT
  • No, it doesn't, so it's best used for fall or spring as a warm layer rather than the dead of winter with wind whipping around.
    Answered on 3/6/2015 2:33:05 PM by Nat from Idaho
  • No, this jacket/down "sweater" (my description due to form fitted style which prevents wearing anything with any bulk under the jacket) does not have a hood.

    Answered on 3/8/2015 10:28:23 AM by Finely tuned from Lynchburg, VA
  • Thank you so much for the responses!
    Answered on 3/8/2015 10:45:58 AM by marymar from texas
  • This item does not have a hood.
    Answered on 3/10/2015 11:58:29 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Company Headquarters