“Would you say that this jacket is packable?”

Asked by Daley from Arizona on 1/12/2016 9:05:43 PM
  • It's not designed to be packable, like a jacket that comes with a pouch, but you could probably fold it and stuff it into something akin to a gallon Ziploc bag...smaller if you vacuum-pack it.
    Answered on 1/12/2016 9:56:04 PM by nodnyc from New York
  • Yes I think so. It is really lightweight, so I think you could get it in a suitcase, might be a big tough in a small backpack though.
    Answered on 1/13/2016 7:21:32 AM by City hiker girl from Chicago, IL
  • I would say it can easily pack into a small day pack but would probably take up a whole small size timbuktu if that's helpful.
    Answered on 1/13/2016 9:13:56 AM by Colette from brooklyn, ny
  • Yes, packable! Great for early morning or late night mountain summer, spring and fall temps. Could be used as a layer in wintertime in prolonged exposure.
    Answered on 1/13/2016 2:05:25 PM by Rail Loader from Midwest North Flatlands
  • It is not specifically stated that it is packable, but I found that it works rather well.
    Answered on 1/13/2016 3:55:54 PM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post