A story of 2 packs from the same maker

Reviewed by Fred Bar from Florida on Tuesday, September 6, 2016
I own this pack ($30) and I also have the Marmot Draft 20, bought much earlier($35) both same capacity but the Draft weighs in at a hefty 29 ounces compared to this pack's 13. I have used the Draft in overnighters, carrying about 15 lbs of food/water/gear and let me tell you it is comfortable as any pack can be, the shoulder padding is excellent and the fabric can take a beating, you can load it up to the max and the seams will hold. I bought the Kompressor Plus pack since I have been going U/L and went on a short 4 day/3 nite trip on the AT in Georgia in late May. Let me tell you I am glad I had purchased the Zpads Shoulder Strap Pads for $20 (1 ounce for the pair) because otherwise, and as I tried the pack with/without the pads, the straps narrow themselves into your shoulders, almost to the point of cutting off circulation. I was carrying only 15 lbs once again, but remember not for 2days/1night, but 4/3 so the whole thing was on the light side indeed. Plus the flimsy material has some minor scratches that worry me. In the end, I am learning this is all about compromise, and I am kind of rough on the gear. So buy it if you are going SUL and/or treat your equipment like a delicate flower. Otherwise I would stay away.
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