Bring on the rain!

Reviewed by Single Mom Camper from Colorado on Monday, July 29, 2013
Summer camping in Colorado pretty much will include rain in the forecast at some point. Now that I'm camping solo with kids, puddles in the corners and an overall leaky tent had to go. I did a lot of research on which tent to buy and ended up getting the Marmot Kronos 4-person tent as it had good reviews, exceptional price, looked easy to setup and offered a nice rain fly.

This tent is AWESOME!

I'm a small woman and have no issue with setting it up myself. The pockets sewn into the netting makes easy storage and retrieval of common items like headlamps, toothbrushes, sunscreen, bug spray, cell phones, keys, etc. The tent easily accommodates a queen size air mattress with tons of room to spare. The hook at the top of the interior is perfect to hold lighting. The vestibule was large enough for us to store other camp gear like our stove, cooking gear and firewood (gotta keep that dry!!!)

We just returned from a camping trip to Molly Brown in Leadville. It rained every day and at one point rained 27 hours straight. Seriously. Wind, blowing rain, cold. The good news, NOT A DROP OF WATER came in the tent.

The only two cons I can say is that the vestibule is hard to zip all the way closed from the interior and the tent stakes bent with the slightest of pressure.
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