Amazing quality but...

Reviewed by Davey Crockett from Tennessee, California on Monday, February 8, 2016
Extremely well made and excellent quality materials. 1680 denier ballistic nylon? Impeccable workmanship? Dig the inner pocket organization. What's not to love? Well, I'll tell you...

- The water(proof?)-resistant material on the top is great for shielding rain, but puzzled about why the material isn't used on the bottom when you need to set it down in the same wet conditions?

- Awkward top opening. Main compartment zips from back, along the side, then zip-dipping toward the front—all the while trying to avoid the straps in the middle along the way. Ditto for the side pocket zipper, needing to pass underneath a strap.

- Amorphous blobby shape unless packed tight full of something like clothing. Collapses under it's own weight. No reinforced edges to help keep its shape/ support.

- And then, of course, are the straps. Intended for flexible (a) hand carry or (b) backpack or (c) shoulder. The straps are awkward getting in the way of everything, mainly the zippers. The bag is overall just very, er, strappy. The strap design, trying to be all three things, is frankly not very good at any of those three things. Backpack mode—straps fall off your shoulders. Hand carry—it's OK, but too many straps to choose from, needing to connect via Velcro keeper. Shoulder—probably the most stable, and easiest to not mess up from a design standpoint.

Bottom line, I don't want to work that hard to pack, zip, and unzip. Mostly I really don't want to configure complex straps—or avoid straps while zipping and unzipping. Love the materials. Love the inner organization. You may love all the extra time and energy to deal with this bag's ergonomic shortcomings, too. But this one is heading back for exchange.
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