“Does the hood stow into the collar?”

Asked by River Spud from Idaho on 6/2/2016 7:21:01 PM
  • No it does not
    Answered on 6/2/2016 7:32:14 PM by MJ from Il
  • The hood does not store in the collar. However, it is so light that it does not bother at all.
    Answered on 6/2/2016 9:28:07 PM by Sonorahiker from California
  • No.
    Answered on 6/3/2016 7:10:59 AM by Avid Adventurer from SW PA
  • No, it does not. The collar is not separate from the hood, it is essentially all one.
    Answered on 6/3/2016 10:49:38 AM by Life Enthusiast from Maryland
  • We have three of these jackets among us - the hood does not stow and does not detach.

    Answered on 6/4/2016 11:45:32 AM by Blazewalker from Portland, OR
  • No, the hood does not stow into the collar, nor is it detachable.
    Answered on 6/5/2016 5:26:12 AM by Ruby from New York
  • No, it does not.
    Answered on 6/5/2016 11:03:25 AM by Karlyn from California
  • There is no collar to store the hood in. the hood does have a drawstring in the back to tighten around your head.
    hope this helps.
    Answered on 6/8/2016 7:20:33 AM by Blue Healer from hastings, mn