“Does the hood have a tie closure?”

Asked by C from Florida from Florida on 4/21/2017 12:47:32 PM
  • It has a bungee cord allowing adjusting for rain and wind conditions.
    Answered on 4/21/2017 12:51:01 PM by Peninsula Woman from Washington
  • yes - look at this picture (though you may want to call Marmot and check) https://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/marmot/46200_4669_lifestyle2?$dw-product$=
    Answered on 4/21/2017 1:25:28 PM by Lost in the Hills from Texas
  • Not a tie closure but a toggle on each side to tighten and also one in the middle of back of hood to snug it
    Answered on 4/21/2017 2:52:36 PM by Lynn the traveler from Maryland
  • Mine has the toggles on each side at the front of the hood, and the back middle has a velcro strap for adjusting.
    Answered on 4/21/2017 3:34:45 PM by Deirdre from Chicago, IL
  • It doesn't have a tie closure per say but has a stretchy cord with clips on each side of the hood. The hood is totally adjustable. It also has a Velcro tab on the back of the hood for adjustment. I LOVE this jacket.
    Answered on 4/21/2017 8:04:15 PM by Sandraelaine from Upstate NY
  • There are clips on each side to draw it into your face, but it does not tie closed.
    Answered on 4/22/2017 10:08:12 PM by It's cold where I live from Montana
  • Sorry, I returned this jacket. Was nice but fabric similar to one I had and was looking for a thinner jacket for travel. Can't recall that there was a tie closure.
    Answered on 4/23/2017 9:54:17 PM by Alice from Washington
  • The hood has a cord with a toggle on it to tighten/loosen it.
    Answered on 4/24/2017 1:58:06 PM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post