• There is no lining. They are not noisy like typical nylon pants--possibly a slight sound. I got these for my husband with 34 inch waist and medium was a good fit
    Answered on 11/20/2015 3:14:55 PM by BB in Royal Oak from Michigan
  • No liner and I would imagine sneaking up on someone is impossible.

    I do think a 34 would fit in the M well. I'm at 31/32 and they are a loose enough for layering.
    Answered on 11/20/2015 3:44:50 PM by Fathomthat from Central IL
  • There is no real lining inside. I have worn them in the rain over shorts while hiking and they feel fine against the skin. Not sure how they would feel if running. I certainly did not have any issues hiking for a couple of hours with them on. They do make some noise, but nothing too bad. Definitely not silent though. I wear a 35 waist and medium is a perfect fit. Tried large and they were way too big. Also tried my son's smalls and while they fit (I'm 5'-11"), they were a little too small. The legs tend to be a little wide, so you may want to consider a running specific pant.
    Answered on 11/20/2015 5:00:24 PM by jham65 from OC, CA
  • No lining, the white beathable waterproof film is bonded to the outer material, not a separate layer. They will make a lot of noise running, they have a somewhat loose fit to go over long pants, so the legs will rub plus the inner film is a bit stiff, similar to gore tex and crinkles when you move. Pants made for running or the right x-c skiing or biking pants would be better. A 34 waist will be a somewhat loose fit, the drawstring will tighten fine and there will be plenty of stretch left in the waist band, definitely not a tight fit at 34.
    Answered on 11/20/2015 6:40:42 PM by Stevie from MN, USA
  • Hmm those are good questions

    1. No inner lining... And you do sweat in the with a lot of activity. Used them hiking up mountains in norway in the rain... I was sweating and the dont breathe the greatest.

    2. They rustle a lot and make this weird farting noise when you crouch down as the air eascapes thru the bottom of the pants legs

    3. Sizing.. According to the sizing chart you are right on the cusp of medium and large .. Im female with 27 in waist and 30 in hips.and wear a medium but they r baggy. My husband wears 32" 32" size mens pants and mediums fit him well with pants underneath... You may need a large but would probably need to cinch the waist tight
    Answered on 11/22/2015 11:49:22 AM by Keei from Wisconsin