My first Grid fleece so who knew what to expect....

Reviewed by 1Yotee from Syracuse, NY on Thursday, February 5, 2015
My EMS 100 wt fleece is 25 years old and getting pretty tired so it was time for a replacement. I bought the heavy weight Kenyon Power Stretch set first and really liked it but it was very warm, slow to cool, fit pretty tight over my wool base (that I require if I am to return to civilization after being in the woods for a week) and weighted a bit more than I was seeing Power Dry selling for. So I bought this and the Terramar Geo Tek 3.0 Base Layer Top - UPF 50+, Heavyweight, Zip Neck, Long Sleeve at the same time to compare 'light' grid fleece with 'heavy' grid fleece. Thinking that being grid might make it to cool in light weight. Unpacking them they looked very similar, at first I thought the material almost identical. The fit is different in that you can easily use the thumb holes in the Marmot but would have to trim 2-3" off your arms to use those on the Terramar. However the sleeves are a perfect fit when not using the thumb holes and I can see use in both setups. First putting on grid fleece reminded me of the first down jacket I ever tried on after years of wearing heavy fleece and polyester jackets. It's hard to believe how warm something that light can be. I had to take off my EMS heavy fleece sweater that I was wearing to put these on (over 250 wt wool crew) and despite being half the weight they both felt warmer immediately. They felt so much the same on (except for the length of the sleeves) that I had to weigh them to get some idea what the difference was. This fleece weighs 8.4 oz in a large and the Terramar weigh 10.3oz so I guess it is heavier, but I couldn't tell the difference easily. I turned them inside out to better compare them and do believe the 'grid' is a little deeper (taller?, plusher?) on the Terramar. Now, I hate those people that start reviews saying they haven't tried it yet but it looks great... and now that's me! But I'll up date after this week end of skiing and snowshoeing. Initial impression is these will become my favorite middle layers fast. And the price of either is a steal with the Terramar 1/2 that of the Marmot. But I do love Marmot. Hope this helps. 5'11", 198lbs, 43" chest, 36" waist - large fits nicely over my wool base.
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