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About Men's Undergarments

Dressing comfortably starts with selecting the right men’s underwear. Every man knows whether he prefers boxers, briefs, cotton blends, flannel or silk. But besides standard men’s underwear (boxers and briefs), winter activities require the warmth of men’s thermal base layer underwear. Since this layer is the closest thing to your skin, most men’s base layer underwear is made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. Unlike traditional cotton underwear, performance fabrics aid in the evaporation of sweat and prevent rapid cool down. It’s important to consider the weight when choosing men’s thermal underwear: lightweight, midweight or expedition weight are common. Look for men’s base layer underwear or wicking T-shirts featuring technological innovations like X-Static® for increased odor-resistance or Dryflo® for enhanced wicking. Merino wool and featherweight silk men’s thermal underwear are natural options for wicking underwear. Look for men’s underwear from high-quality brands like Terramar, Kenyon and Mountain Hardwear.