“How is the width of these? (Particularly the toe box?)

Asked by Maizegirl from Indiana on 6/8/2017 5:26:18 AM
  • I have a low volume, medium arch, size 13 foot. I.e. "skinny feet" These boots have plenty of room in the toe box for me. They fit somewhat loosely there so I have to pull up the laces a bit more than I do with my Patagonia boots. Overall it's more of a comfort fit rather than a performance fit. That said, my feet don't slide around at all in them.
    Answered on 6/8/2017 6:00:56 AM by Busted Yuppie from Pacific North West
  • I have a 2e foot and the normal width is good. Since they are soft there is lots of give. They are a great shoe for breathable hiking.
    Answered on 6/8/2017 6:39:22 AM by Randy from Texas
  • The width is fine
    Answered on 6/8/2017 9:13:40 AM by mendresen from Washington
  • I can't wear Nike's because of their narrow toe box but these Merrell's fit me just fine.
    Answered on 6/8/2017 9:20:34 AM by Scot Hunter from Arizona
  • These are a standard medium width.
    Answered on 6/8/2017 9:40:23 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post
  • True to size for my 45 (11D+) northern European feet. Merrill in my experience have a wide toe box. These are no exception, I.e., roomy,but neither foot nor heel slippage.
    Answered on 6/8/2017 11:00:17 AM by Talleyman from New Hampshire
  • I am supposed to have "wide" feet and these boots fit good. Feel good. They are still new to me so I don't know about their "wearing" capacity. And, I don't know if they are waterproof. But, this doesn't bother me because I don't intend to wear them in wet conditions. So far am very satisfied.
    Answered on 6/8/2017 5:57:12 PM by JimARice from Lake Tahoe,
  • Fit perfect, normal size ordered, perfect.
    Answered on 6/11/2017 10:09:54 PM by Sue from California
  • Average to wide but I have a narrow foot.
    Answered on 6/15/2017 10:22:42 PM by John in Iowa from Iowa