Reviewed by Melanie from Norfolk, VA on Wednesday, March 15, 2017
I ordered these boots because I am chaperoning a school sponsored trip to Costa Rica this summer. I don't have any "hiking gear" and since we'll be going to volcanoes, the rain forest etc., I thought it would be best to invest in a decent pair of waterproof hiking boots. I didn't want to spend a fortune, especially since I don't know how often I will use them after the trip.....but I also didn't want to skimp on quality and get blisters, sore feet and have an agonizing trek because I bought "cheap" boots. These are a GREAT deal! I've been wearing them the last few days, just so I can break them in and see if there's any possibility of blisters etc. The one thing I do notice is they kind of "rub" my ankles and its a bit uncomfortable, but that is probably because I am not wearing the proper socks. I need to order hiking socks from ST. Currently, I am just wearing them with "footie" socks that don't even cover my ankles. There is no discomfort in the toe area or heal. I feel like I have great arch support and wonderful traction. Yesterday it was cold and rainy, so I wore them out shopping. My feet felt great when I got home and they stayed nice and warm (and dry). I think it will take me some time to get used to the "boot" around my ankle - but that's because I either wear regular shoes or tall boots. I don't have any other shoes that are this height. They don't feel "heavy" and they look really nice. I got the grey pair with the purple trim/laces. They are very stylish too. I am pretty much a solid 7.5, but did not want my toes to be squished and wanted to be able to wear thick socks if necessary. For that reason, I bought the 8. Very happy that I went up half a size. I feel like I have plenty of room. My feet are done growing, so they should last me for years to come!
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