I freakin LOVE these boots...

Reviewed by Ruff from Richmond Va. on Sunday, November 18, 2012
When I first got them, put 'em on and took a dog walk, I have a big pit bull who pulls hard (I like him to, he pulls on a mountainboard sometimes so it is preferable for us)- so I got to wear them in instantly, which didn't take a lot for me. One wear out to a concert (Hawaiian Reggae J Boog), had the ehtire place dancing, and I danced for 5 hours, standing as well the entire time... it's like you're floating in these shoes. The drive there was 2.5 hours each way, and I awaoke the next morning for a work day (I am a hard laborer), had zero issue with putting these right back on and heading out for a work day. I own quite a few pair of merrell shoes for didfferent kinds of days, and these are now my faves! I am normally a 10.5 and the same size work perfectly for me. With or without a heavy sock. My toes have not been cold even once, these fit nice and snug around the tops of the feet and ankles, yet have double room over the toes which you really don't notice until you wiggle the, a welcome area to hold in some heat and alow the tors to breathe. They are TOO stylish too... look freakin sweet!
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