This is amazing. Life changing.

Reviewed by Emmy Kait from Maine on Wednesday, May 10, 2017
I bought this expecting something similar to a sandwich griller we all had in college dorms in the late 1990's. Holy cow, this is not that. For starters, it gets hot. Hot enough to grill a small burger. It also heats fairly evenly, from top and bottom. The bottom cooks a bit better due to gravity.

The most amazing thing - it can cook an egg. Such as I brought it to work in my cube, toasted an English muffin, cooked a sausage patty and then fried an egg. At my desk all in this little guy. The rim keeps all the juice and egg together.

Bit of a plastic smell at first, plug it in and cook something in it a few times before bringing to work or a dorm. As it does get hot enough to grill a burger from raw to well done it needs to sit on something that can handle heat. Unit doesn't get super hot on the outside, but be smart. Unsure if it has an auto shutoff, I was too exited to eat my eggs.
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