Get Them from STP, Folks!

Reviewed by Frequent TDYer from Here and There on Wednesday, March 6, 2013
These glasses have excellent optical properties. Very nice level of tint and the polarization is good. But, there is NO WAY these are worth anywhere near the MSRP of $225 - and the service from MT, while friendly, is not at all in line with their suggested price. Unless you like paying big bucks for warranty "inspection." Mine came with or quickly developed a defect in the coating one one lens. STP was out-of-stock then, so no exchange was possible. I corresponded with MT, and sent them a hi-rez photo of the defect. They actually wanted me to wanted send them in for "inspection of the frame" at a cost to me of $20 + S/H. When I explained that the frame was not the problem, but only the single lens, it made no difference to them. Still told to send them in, with no assurance whatsoever that they would replace the lenses under warranty. I asked for them to send me JUST the lenses -- no can do. They also indicated that the could SELL a set of lenses for $100 (!), which I thought was absurd. Fortunately, STP got them back in stock long enough for me to get a replacement, and the defective pair is going back to STP for full credit, w/o charges for S/H either way. If I'd sent them to MT, it would have cost me $20 plus at least $15 for shipping. Nearly half the (discounted) price.

So - nice glasses, but don't expect much in terms of after-purchase warranty service from MT. STP, as usual, was GREAT about it. So, for about $75, you can get a good pair of sunglasses. Look them over carefully when they arrive.
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