Makes you scratch your head

Reviewed by SJG from NYC on Friday, June 3, 2016
As I expected, these pants are a no-nonsense shell. Exactly what I was looking for. High quality materials. Not too many pockets or other complexities. Top notch waterproof materials. Well constructed. But the cut of the pants makes you scratch your head. I read the other reviews here about the odd sizing and decided to order a Medium and a Small to see which works. The answer is neither. I am 6' 155 lbs and wear a size Medium in just about everything with the occasional Large. I'm usually good with pants that are 32x32. The Small Minalist pants were tight in the seat making them too restrictive to wear for alpine and telemark skiing. The legs were a little long but OK with a huge flare below the knee.The Medium MInalist pants had a perfect fit above the knee but the flare was even bigger and they were ridiculously long. Even if you were thin and very tall, the bell bottoms seem in conflict with the purpose of these pants. There is just so much material down there, it's hard to think these are the right pants for doing anything athletic. The flare below the knew is as baggy as any snowboarding pant I've seen. Mountain Hardwear had a great concept and blew it with the cut. I don't know if they hired some Project Runway reject or something.
I would say these pants are for you ONLY if you are extremely tall for your waist size AND you don't mind a ridiculously large bell bottom look.
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