“With the size of most if not all jackets & coats from Mountain Hardwear,
they appear to have no neck sizes anywhere; so how do I know what to
order when they do not show these sizes?

I've already bought a replacement jacket, tried it on once, kept it awhile
trying to get information on neck sizes (the jacket I was sent had medium
or small neck, jacket was marked Large - Mens; rest of jacket seemed L.)
So since I hadn't heard back other times when I asked STPost about the
size issue, and Mountain Hardwear didn't either, I gave away the jacket.
It was essentially new; I was unable to zip the neck all the way up for use
in winter, and usually (with older MT Hardwear jacket of this design) I had
been able to not only layer it, but zip all of the layers underneath, up full.

So this is an essential issue, for a product that has the name Mountain
in it, and proposes to do what their older version did. I am 6ft 1" &
up to 200 lbs; not a muscle neck or flabby. I like my old great condition
Mt Hardware original jacket; made in the USA with Gore windstopper.

How about it? Any reply to this? I've been giving away all these items
since STPost no longer honors the guaranty they were sold under, btw.

I have boots, only tried on; not broken in, also. They are like fruit now,
expired before a chance to see if the soles come off after 45 miles.
Spares about in advance, totally useless. Is this the new STPost?”

Asked by in small town... from Kenai Mountains, Alaska on 8/30/2016 3:22:10 AM
  • The MH originals were 'true to size' w/ reasonable neck openings. Forget about the new MH II styles as they are substandard in many ways. Blowsy in the torso and narrow at the neck plus the shoulders are cut shallow w/ sleeves that would fit an orangutan. No pit zips and the build quality is just no longer there. I sent mine back as soon as it arrived and was tried on. Couldn't believe the MH II was the 'upgrade' version of the original... There are other excellent quality jackets out in the market-place, but you need to try them on as each fits a different body-type. I'ld gladly have paid more for the original MH jacket than what was paid for the MH II.

    As far as the STP warranty process, I've never had a bad experience. Been a customer since the late 80's. Not as good value-wise as they were before being taken over by TJ Max. 'Big box-store' driven means that some of the old personal touch of their first 30 years got tossed into the dustbin
    Answered on 8/30/2016 5:18:21 AM by Jeff C. from New York