Totally WaterPROOF

Reviewed by frankie, foreign service from DC/ Salzburg on Monday, September 26, 2016
Mountain Hardware has come out with a new version of a waterproof mid-weight glove for the past few years, late 2015 and its the only truly WP version.... The 2014 glove had great material but the articulated stitching created leaks..
This version uses the OutDry so unlike a GoreTex lined glove the outer layer doesn't get wet.

They late of articulated stitching makes the gloves baggy so you lose dexterity so forget trying to type even on a large screen.

Good glove down for me, my hands get cold easily, and keep my hands warm down to 25 to 30 or just below freezing... Perfect for riding in wet weather both mountain sports where weather goes from snow to rain in a few thousand feet or riding in rain/wet snow in metro areas.

Only issues for me have been difficulties in getting damp gloves off after sweating and extra fabric due to lack of articulated cuts gloves can get caught on sharp objects so not to good for cold weather work gloves...

I am a glove destroyer and to through at least one pair of the insulated leather Marmot work glove per year... I just get a pair in the off season to save 50%.
I don't believe one type of glove exists that can cover my needs until it gets below 25 and I have tried everything....