Keeps on puffing up, +++ for the new Q-shield 650...

Reviewed by Big Al from Colorado on Friday, December 25, 2015
Shamefully; I bought this as a (greatly) oversized XXL jacket just to harvest the down from the excess I knew the sleeves would have. Worked out really well; used the bottom two baffles from each arm to add to some baffles on a down bag that needed a little extra.
Aside from my butchery of this otherwise fine garment; I'm still impressed a month later. Good ripstop - I had the first person experience of working with the "30 denier" ripstop; much tougher than seems to be by feel or visual inspection.

The down just keeps on expanding and puffing up the baffles. Bear in mind; this is a jacket that has never been stuff sacked or compressed. If it arrives and seems a bit thin on the fill; give it a shake or two; wear it around a bit; do it a good proper end of day trail shake or so. Nothing except positives for the quality and amount of fill.

Kudos for the zipper and surrounding baffling on both sides. Only the zipper pull side is visible on the pic; but the other side is baffled also, and both sides have a nylon rip stop / no snag stripe of nylon. More good stuff beyond the price point.

Of price points, yep. No pit-zips, no interior pockets, no chest pocket, and the sleeves aren't the spiffy adjustable velcro either. Add all that stuff in and ok; then this would be a $200 puffy instead of a $120 puffy. The handwarmer pockets *are* huge, and go to the bottom of the hem; and are behind the down fill. Two solid pockets are way better than a dozen tiny ones.

Gotta love the old school MH branding. Embroidered on teh left sleeve, left chest, and middle of the shoulders on back. Class.

If I was in the market for a mid-weight layering jacket; this would be an excellent. Being a cold climate resident; it is going into the vehicles winter kit. Close would be that at the price point; the Ratio way overperforms. Closing thought would be it has to do as well or better under a proper winter shell. +++

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