I like 'em

Reviewed by SJG from NYC on Tuesday, October 11, 2016
These are nice pants at a great price. They may lack a few features of more expensive pants but I like them. It would be nice if the thigh vents had a mesh lining to keep out the snow. That's a feature I see on other pants but they tend to be more expensive. I let them sit with a puddle of water on the fabric and it poured right off with no wetness after 20 minutes. Of course, the pants are brand new so the waterproofing should be good. The pockets are on the small side but they feel nice inside and one of them has a clip for keys. I wear a 32x32 pant and the Mediums fit well. They are comfortable and offer a good range of motion. The velcro/elastic waist adjustment is nice. The overall look is good. There is one oddity that I can't really explain. The interior gaitors are long. VERY long. You can see in the photos how they hang well below the cuffs of the pants. On most pants the gaitors might hang even with the pants cuff. Maybe even above. This isn't a problem once you've got the gators secured over your boots but when you're walking around in the house barefoot, the cuffs sit at a nice height above your feet while the gaitors slide down and drag under your heels. The easy solution is to roll up the gaitors but it's something I've never had to do before in over 30 years of wearing ski pants.
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