Steal of the year

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Matt in Michigan from America's High Five on Thursday, February 9, 2017
Seriously? A lifetime warranty, Mountainsmith's experience in convenient construction, and a price tag around $100? This is a steal.

I have not had it on the trail yet, and that will always be the ultimate review, but I have a lot of experience with outdoor equipment, especially backpacks, and I can tell you this is a very nice pack. I bought it primarily for winter packing when I need the space and weight capacity for the biggest of big mummy backs, shovel, saw, and extra winter comforts. It might even spend more time in a pulk instead of on my back.

My only knock on it so far, is the weight of it. Now, I'm not a weight weenie, but I am weight conscious. This is a 5+ pound pack. That is over double my normal summer pack. (Bergans Helium 58L, from STP) That is why I knock it down to four stars.

I'll update if my experience is different after my first trip.
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