• The cooler hauler is the same size and dimensions as the other cubes and fits in the modular hauler as well as the cubes that come with the four-pack.||The cooler has extra insulation and is more substantial than the regular haulers. It's not an Igloo or a Yeti but it will get cold things home from the grocery store or 100 miles down the road. ||We do not place ice in the cooler bag but rather frozen bottles of water (like a Gator-aid bottle) with the lids on to prevent water leaks. This system works well and we have not noticed any cooler bag leaks from condensation or wet cans and bottles. I wouldn't count on this cube holding a lot of water without a little leakage but honestly don't know for sure.
    Answered on 7/31/2012 12:00:00 AM by BJ from Austin, TX