Workable but not what I expected.

Reviewed by dani from Alaska on Wednesday, May 8, 2013
This whole system was much, much floppier than expected. The only real way any part of it can stand up on it's own is if it's completely full (and probably with something that helps it stay square. I expected the cubes to be actual cubes, that had some stiffness in them, so you could throw things in them & take it out and they'd stay standing/open, etc. But it's just basic woven fabric, even the outer bag--so if you take a cube out, the outer bag will collapse a bit into that spot (so you'll need two hands to get it back in). I'll make it work for my trunk but it will take a lot of cardboard and wire to get it to work the way I wanted. What I wanted was an organizing system for my car, where I could keep things (such as gear, groceries, packages, dirty outerwear, raingear), or have room to throw things, as needed. With them all floppy then it would only work when they are full... which doesn't really help. So, I'm not sending it back, but I'm surprised at Mountainsmith that they designed something that isn't all that cool. I know other people mentioned that they were floppy but I didn't think it would be THIS floppy!! I'm glad I got it with an extra 35% off coupon, otherwise it probably would be going back.
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