Good Overall Organization System (but current gen is slightly better)

Reviewed by Jason F from Dallas on Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Not sure why these are listed as "2nds" as they do not seem to have any cosmetic imperfections (at least with the two that I got). However note that this is not the most current version of the product as Mountainsmith has removed the single top handle and gone to two side straps in their latest iteration of the cubes. Also of note is that the most current version of the Modular Hauler and Cubes (at least on my Hauler 4) has a new hard plastic yellow piping "U" on each side that adds some vertical support on the sides to help keep it upright (not perfect... but better than not).

I know that some have suggested using cardboard... but if you want better vertical support inside the cubes, my recommendation is to cut three pieces (for bottom and the two narrow sides) of white corrugated plastic sheet that you can pickup at any home improvement store (or recycle those political signs) and simply duct tape them together in a "U" configuration - so that they can still fold down when not in use but adds a significant amount of rigidity to the cube so they can stand up on their own (just be sure to keep the ribs vertical on the sides and long ways across the bottom to give you the most support. If you get a larger corrugated plastic sheet... you can also cut a piece for the bottom of the hauler that helps keep it straighter when adding/removing bags).

In summary... this version of the Mountainsmith Modular Hauler 3 is a great value on Sierra Trading Post and a great way to organize your outdoor gear (the only significant advantage of the new version is the side straps that take the weight off the top and also allow you to move the bags easier while open. Having a four Cube and a couple of three Cube Haulers... I would agree with others that the three cube version is more manageable and easier to carry around for my outdoor activities (especially if your gear is somewhat heavy).
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