great pack for mirrorless day walking

Verified Buyer Reviewed by bruce in san diego from California on Monday, April 3, 2017
I needed a compact walk around backpack. Great size to carry an X-Pro2 with attached lens and one spare lens in the camera compartment. I could probably fit another lens in there if I needed to, but I usually pack my lenses with hoods up for more efficient lens changes, so I pack this bag for shooting on the move, not necessarily transporting gear to a location to shoot. I cannot confirm that a FF DSLR will fit because I do not have a FF system. FF systems can vary wildly in size, and the lenses tend to be much larger than Fujifilm lenses.
Upper compartment is very convenient and carries more than I thought it would - I carry a couple of small notebooks, breath mints, business cards, ipad mini and an Instax printer. Not that I would do this for a day walk, but along with all the other stuff listed above, I also packed 2 speedlights to see if they would fit. No problem. If I removed the printer, I could add a back up body (X-T2) - all in the top compartment. Laptop compartment holds my 15" Macbook Pro, though I don't usually bring that for a day walk. Very compact bag when loaded.
The bag is sturdy and holds it's shape when loading. I feel it has the right amount of padding to protect what is inside. The outer material is quite nice, a step up from most other nylon bags. Has a premium but not gaudy look and feel.
Shoulder straps and back pad a very good, I really like the sternum strap as it pulls the strap away from a shoulder that I injured a few weeks ago. The shape of the pack doesn't restrict arm or shoulder movement - it is just narrow enough to stay out of the way.
The bag does not have straps to carry a tripod or stands for speedlights, so if your gig requires either, you'll have to figure that out. There is a small pocket on the side - I put a tripod leg in it, but mine probably isn't going to work, and any strapping that I would use to hold the top of the tripod in place would come at the cost of quick accessibility or bag comfort.
This is a really, really well thought out bag. Everything it does, it doesn't exceptionally well, everything it doesn't do, it doesn't even pretend to do. I feel that there are a lot of bags that have a lot of features piled on or look cool, but have too many compromises and suffer when it comes to actual usability in the field or on the job.
For what this bag is, it is great. I would absolutely buy it again.
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