A good snowshoe

Reviewed by tuffguppy from Earth on Friday, January 27, 2017
I have used these 8 times off trail for 2 to 3 hours each time for fitness and not a leisurely walk. I don't think it's snowshoeing if you are walking down a packed path. You don't need snowshoes for that. I start at the trail head and then head out cross-country. I have climbed and descended very steep terrain and it's always uneven and unpredictable. It's usually deep powder here in Utah, but I sometimes get into some hard, icy, crusty snow. They grip well in the crust and on the steeps. Once I tried the heel lift for climbing a very steep hill. I think it helped me be more comfortable, but found it impossible to lift with gloves on and difficult to put back down with gloves on. I have climbed that steep hill multiple times but I don't hassle with the heel lift any more. I weigh 152 w/o a pack. I put on an 18 lb pack and I sink quite a lot in deep powder. I don't think they provide the flotation my other brand 30" snowshoes do, but they're acceptable. I can't see ever using the snowshoe, in powder, w/o the tails attached, even w/o a pack on. Once I went out w/o the pack and I did not feel I could take the tails offn but that would be easy, even with gloves on if you wanted to do it.
I do like that the binding hinge does not cause snow to be flipped up on the back of my legs and body. The binding is also very secure and it's pretty quick and easy to get the buckles secured, but not as quick as some others I've tried, but they really hold the snowshoe and helps it feel like it is a part of your boot. Great for uneven, unpredictable terrain. Where the binding hinges it's metal against metal. It starts to squeak annoyingly and I spray some Teflon lubricant on the hinge points every couple of outings. I think these snowshoes will last a long time. They do make more noise than snowshoes that are not made of hard plastic, especially on crust, but it's not a problem for me. I have still been able to get pretty close to deer and elk I have been seeing this winter but I try not to get too close.
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