Lemon rod, no tube

Reviewed by Gmcd from Boise on Saturday, April 21, 2018
I got the rod from stp less tube and sleeve. Called stp and they said the rod is a closeout and had no tube or sleeve. Mystic selling same rod direct with tube and sleeve for same price. Stp refunded me $30 for the cost of the tube, glad stp was able to make this right. Thank you!

Now the rod... been looking at the reaper for some time and was excited to finally get one. The rod I got was a nice fishing rod, action and performance was as advertised, but craftsmanship was total [...]. Glue all over the blank, ferules not fitting well because of sloppy gluemanship, blank shows tape marks. Sent back to mystic and they blamed the quality on the Korean workmanship and were not real keen on taking personal accountability for quality. Rod still in Colorado with Mystic- not sure what I will get back. Compared to sage or tfo rods in the same price range, mystic is a far cry away in quality.
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